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I am Cho Jae Hyun, Chairman of the Gyeonggi Arts Center

Just the thought of ‘culture and arts’ made my heart flutter. This is because I spent many years playing diverse roles and meeting the audience at the stage. Like this, the theater is very familiar to me. I would like to make the theather such a comfortable and familiar place that you can knock the door at any time. I will also try to lower the threshold and help people to communicate each other and share culture and arts any time.

The Gyeonggi Arts Center, the most comprehensive culture and arts complex representing Gyeonggi-do, has been positioned as a key cultural organization and constantly strived to empathize and share with you with the arts over the last 20 years.

At the Gyeonggi Arts Center, we will do our best effort to deliver you passion and sincerity from the deep side of the heart and eventually make you have greater inspiration and anticipation.

I would like to ask for your continued interest and support.

Thank you.

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