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Gyeonggi Gugak Center

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Gyeonggi-do's premier venue for the inheritance, preservation, and development of the Korean traditional arts.

The Gyeonggi Gugak Center (formerly Gyeonggi-do Gugakdang) was opened in June 2004 in Giheung-gu, Yongin to showcase the traditional arts of Gyeonggi-do and to share the center’s expertise as a Korean traditional music performance and educational facility. As part of its goals of promoting the inheritance, preservation, and development of Korean traditional music, the center holds performances representing a wide range of styles from traditional to modern. The center also, operates a children's educational experience program, attended by more than 30,000 children each year, and holds traditional arts education courses for students of all ages, from infants to adults. Through its exciting array of events and programs, the center continually seeks ways to enrich the lives of all Gyeonggi-do residents. The Gyeonggi Gugak Center, Gyeonggi-do's premier Korean traditional music venue, works tirelessly to spread the sweet fragrance of the traditional arts throughout the entire community.

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Performance Schedule & History

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