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Pops Ensemble

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A catchy melody and a powerful rhythm! The Pops Ensemble, a group of true live performance artists, brings audiences a new genre of fusion music.

Gyeonggi-do’s popular fusion music ensemble treats audiences to new but familiar forms of their favorite pop, classical, foreign, soundtrack, and traditional songs, bringing all kinds of music into the modern era.

The Pops Ensemble, with its new fusion rhythms, was founded as the Gyeonggi-do Pops Orchestra Rhythm Ensemble in 1999, and was restructured into the Gyeonggi Pops Ensemble in 2010. The ensemble presents new music based on Western pop and traditional Korean tunes, creating a new genre for a new generation, to the delight of thousands of audiences in Korea and beyond.

With its catchy rhythms and abundance of passion, the Pops Ensemble is loved by many, and its performances are enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds from all over the world, providing an avenue for cultural exchange. The group’s fusion music, combining Korean traditional and Western music, is particularly popular and has received rave reviews, earning the group invitations to perform its unique form of music in places outside of Gyeonggi-do. This has allowed the ensemble to introduce people from other countries to Korean melodies through cultural exchanges that are loved by audiences.

Popular Songs“Love of My Life,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Doraji,” “Ongheiya,” “Arirang,” “Saeya, Seya,” “Beethoven’s Fate,” “On Romance,” and more.

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