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Gyeonggi Gugak Center


Nearby BUS Station
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  • Regular bus : Gyeonggi Bus
  • Folk Village


Bus Stops Near Major Subway Stations
  • Suwon Station

    LINE 1P155

    Bundang LINEK245

  • Sanggal Station

    Bundang LINEK238

  • Gangnam Station

    LINE 2222

    Sinbundang LINED07

  • Sadang Station

    LINE 2226

    LINE 4443

By Car
  1. 1Gyeongbu Expressway → Come out to Suwon-Singal IC and turn right → Go straight to Yongin → Singalo Street → Go straight towards the Korean Folk Village → Go straight for about 2km and arrive at Gyeonggi Gugak Center.


Free Parking

The Gyeongi Gugak Center operates a parking lot with 204 sides for free.

Handicapped Bus Cars
11 spaces 2 spaces 191 spaces


  • Handicapped-accessible parking spaces

    11 handicapped-accessible parking spaces

  • Handicapped-accessible facilities
    • Handicapped-accessible restrooms
    • In order for guests with disabilities to be able to safely access the performance venue, a separate elevator is provided, as well as ramps, located next to the stairway.
  • Handicapped-accessible seat information

    A total of 6 handicapped-accessible seats are provided in the center of the theater, so that guests using wheelchair can comfortably enjoy the performance.

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