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Gyeonggi Gugak Center

Gyeonggi Gugak Center1
Gyeonggi Gugak Center1
Gyeonggi Gugak Center1
Gyeonggi Gugak Center1
Gugak Hall

Opened in July 2004, the Gyeonggi Gugak Center was built to revitalize traditional Korean arts, and to provide a venue for sharing Korean traditional arts with tourists and local residents. The venue is complete with cutting-edge facilities such as a performance hall, practice room, ensemble room, instrument storage room, costume storage room, and more. The Gyeonggi Gugak Center hopes to provide visitors with plenty of opportunitoes to enjoy meaningful cultural experiences, led by experts and professionals from various fields.

Gugak Hall Facilities
Total Area 35,855㎡
Building Area Reinforced concrete structure (exposed concrete), basement levels 1 and 2, Area: 56,835 ㎡
Performance Facilities Performance Hall − 5,161 ㎡, 420 seats (including 6 handicapped-accessible seats)
Additional Facilities Dressing room (separate male/female dressing rooms), ensemble room, practice room, instrument storage room, costume storage room, dining hall, snack bar, children’s playroom, parking lot (219 parking spaces; 10 handicapped-accessible spaces, 2 bus spaces, and 207 spaces for cars)
Stage The stage is designed as a proscenium arch structure, and the square measure is 536 m2 in total area. There are 3 wagon stage and 3 lifting stage. The upper stage machinery is consist of the 12 batten systems for scenery change.
Lighting The lighting system is consist of digitally controlled lighting console with 158 signal patch, 2 follow pin spots, variable lighting effect machine, and special lighting equipment.
Sound The sound system is consist of YAMAHA CL5 audio mixing console (72 audio inputs) and Meyer Sound point source speaker system. Every seats have a equal sound level and sound color.
Video Projection The video projection system is consist of 16,000ANSI LCD Projection in FOH. The 80 inch subtitle TV is installed on the left and right sides of the proscenium.
Seats There are 426 seats, with 420 regular seats and 6 disabled seats.

Technical Stage Specifications View seating map and emergency exit guide