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Gyeonggi Arts Center

“Where art is life”Welcome to the Gyeonggi Arts Center

The Gyeonggi Arts Center first opened its doors in 1991, as the Gyeonggi-do Culture and Arts Center, and recently celebrated its 28th anniversary. In 2004, the center was officially recognized as a foundation, paving the way for the Gyeonggi Arts Center to become a professional arts performance space and the symbol for the performing arts in Gyeonggi-do.

Gyeonggi Arts Center

The Gyeonggi Arts Center operates five arts organizations—the Gyeonggido Theatre Company, the Gyeonggido Dance Company, the Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra, the Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Gyeonggi Pops Ensemble. Featuring all kinds of performing arts, the center uses its rich background in the classical arts to offer everything from traditional to modern art representing a variety of genres.

Through its wide array of programs, including cultural aid projects, artistic talent grants, and public performances, the Gyeonggi Arts Center works to ensure that the light of the arts shines equitably throughout all of Gyeonggi's 31 cities and counties.

The Gyeonggi Arts Center is now taking on a new challenge and will be adding seasonal theater productions to its 2020 lineup, featuring the creative repertoire of the Gyeonggi Arts Company. In 2020, the center will also continue to conduct cultural aid projects throughout Gyeonggi-do, offering a variety of programs for all Gyeonggi citizens and operating high-quality services 365 days a year.

We invite you to join us at the Gyeonggi Arts Center, where artists perform for Gyeonggi on the world stage.
Thank you.

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